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Horror Game Called The Backrooms

The “found footage” subgenre is not just found in the film industry. The Steelkrill Studio psychological horror video game The Backrooms 1998 is proof of this. Even though it is only in beta, the game, which was released on Steam Early Access back in May, has a lot of promise for horrors.

The Backrooms depicts life in a building’s basement in dramatic detail, from a Creepy Pasta thread to a real game. This maze-like environment is made up of about 600,000,000 square miles of fluorescent lighting and monotonous yellow walls.

First-person psychological survival horror game The Backrooms 1998 revolves on a young youngster who accidentally wanders into The Backrooms. The game, which is played from the first person perspective, has been referred to as a type of “escape room.” What do these “Backrooms” actually mean? You must determine that for yourself. Yet you must also devise a means of escape. You are free to walk around as you hunt for hints, ways to record your exact location, medications to keep you sane, and old batteries to keep your light on.

1998 Version

Throughout the entire procedure, you will see video that narrates exactly what happened in 1998.

You’re not alone in The Backrooms 1998, in case that wasn’t enough to persuade you. Whatever it may be, it can hear your voice. You will need to be careful where you step and avoid bumping into anything as a direct result of this. It will be able to hear you if you yell. Run if you have to, but keep an eye on your endurance. But, you must make sure that no sound is made while you are doing so. You can also conceal yourself in crawl spaces, behind tables, or in lockers.

Hey, did we also mention that The Backrooms 1998 only has a certain quantity of save space? You’ll have to think of yourself as a permanent resident if you spend up all your savings.


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