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4 Reasons Why It Might Take A Long Time To Settle Your Car Crash Claim 

As a victim of a car accident, all you want to do is file a claim, collect your compensation money, and work towards your healing. However, a car accident claim resolution is not this simple and straightforward. An accident claim will be more complex and lengthy when you have severe injuries and demand high compensation from the defendant party. 

For most people dealing with a car accident case for the first time, their only complaint is that it is taking longer than expected to receive the amount. The truth is it can easily take one year or multiple years to arrive at a conclusion. Moreover, certain factors can lengthen your case even more. Consult with an attorney for legal advice

4 reasons why some car accident claims take more time 

  • There is a dispute about who the liable party is. 

One of the most challenging things to determine in a car accident claim is the liable party, especially when the crash has been between more than two parties or where multiple parties could be liable. If one person blames the other and they accept their fault in one go, there is nothing to fight about anymore. However, if nobody is ready to accept fault, dispute resolution will be necessary, which takes time. 

  • There was insufficient information at the accident scene. 

When a car crah happens, the police officials, as well as attorneys, investigate the accident site first. This is because the accident site is where the incident unfolded and the best place to look for evidence. Sometimes, enough evidence is not found due to damage or other circumstances, which makes it impossible to determine the liable party using information from the scene alone. Therefore, further investigation involving expert witnesses becomes necessary. 

  • Your injuries are severe and long-term. 

If you have sustained long-term injuries from the car crash, it probably means you would have to continue treatment for a long time. Besides that, your life may be affected in some way or the other due to your long-term injuries. It is obvious that the more severe your injuries are, the longer it takes to settle a case. 

  • The insurance company does not want to give you the right amount. 

The insurance company will try its best to reduce the compensation amount as much as it can. If you keep presenting solid evidence and they still do not give you the demanded amount, it could take a long while to convince them. 

If you are having a hard time recovering compensation, hire an attorney today. 



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