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Filing a Grievance and First Assessment. The official grievance method starts by submitting a grievance that alleges sexual harassment, other sexual misconduct.

The grievance ought to condition the title of the harasser (if identified) and explain the incidents of harassment, such as the day(s) and put(s) of this sort of incident(s). The grievance may possibly contain a checklist of any sources of information (e. g.

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, witnesses, correspondence, records). The original review includes attempts to gather a much more total comprehending of the allegations.

The Investigative Team will figure out, based on the proof, if the formal grievance shall commence to investigation or if a dismissal or administrative closure is warranted. Investigation. Following the selection to begin an investigation, the Respondent will be furnished the possibility to submit a reaction to the allegations, together with all resources of information and facts ( e.

g. , witnesses, correspondence, documents). The Investigative Workforce will evaluation the evidence and carry out individual interviews with the Complainant and the Respondent, and, as proper, with other witnesses, which could incorporate individuals recognized by the events, suitable officers of the School or College, and/or others. Prior to the conclusion of the investigation, the parties will be provided an equivalent opportunity to evaluate and reply to the evidence, consistent with the applicable methods.

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Investigative Report. In situations involving the Interim Processes for Managing Formal Complaints Pursuant to the Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy , prior to the hearing method (described below) the investigative report will be delivered to the Complainant, Respondent, and their particular advisors (if any). The investigative report includes proposed conclusions of facts making use of a preponderance of the proof regular and offers both parties the possibility to submit a composed reaction. A preponderance of the evidence usually means a getting by the University that it is “more probably than not” that the violation occurred.

In scenarios involving the Interim Treatments for Managing Official Complaints Pursuant to the Interim Other Sexual Misconduct Coverage , a t the conclusion of the investigation, the Investigative staff will make conclusions of reality, implementing a preponderance of the evidence normal, and will figure out centered on these conclusions of fact whether there was a violation of the Interim Other Sexual Misconduct Plan . A published draft of the findings of truth and assessment will be delivered to the get-togethers, who are then provided the opportunity to submit a composed response to the draft. The investigative workforce will take into account any composed responses just before finalizing the report, which will then be provided to the Complainant (or reporter, if relevant), the Respondent, the College or unit Title IX Coordinator, the College Title IX Coordinator, and the suitable School or unit. Hearing.

rn(Applies only to conditions reviewed underneath the Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Plan)Following the summary of the investigation, the investigative report will be offered to a educated panel of final decision-makers (comprised of trained experts in just and exterior the Harvard local community), who carry out a reside hearing.


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