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Working at Events – Food and Alcohol Jobs

At some Point in Your Life you have been at a Stadium, or at some kind of Event, and Wondered, “How do they get the Job Working at the Stadium?”, and that is kind of a Complex Answer that can be mixed into a kind of overall Career that you can begin Today, or you can Teach someone else about. The Concession Stand Job is actually Entry Level Food and Beverage Industry Work, you usually can get these Jobs at a Temp Agency, but you will want to get Certified to Handle Food and Alcohol in Your State. Most States don’t have a Certification for Food, but Texas does. There are Websites that Texas puts in a Registrar System, and they can give Licenses. Here is a Website that does both Food and Alcohol Licenses for Texas.

The way the Laws Work is that if you go Work at McDonald’s or something you have 30 Days to get your Food Handler Card, but if you get your Food and Alcohol Certifications, you can put them on your Resume. And if you take those to the Temp Agency, they will Send you to the Events. If an Employer wanted to get all of their Employees Trained up, they would want to use this kind of System where the Employees can earn all the Different Things they might need to Advance in the Company, not just be a Concession Worker.

360 Training is a Great Resource that can Help Employees get all kinds of Things done very Quickly, and it will Help Employers even just see who has an Ability to Comprehend and Work to go further. In the Food Industry, the next Certificate up from there is the Food Manager which has to do with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). So basically, you have to do even more Study about Food Temperature, and E. Coli, and Keeping Things in the Freezer and Refreezing, and Bugs, and Garbage, and Everything, and you have to take a Test about it. Then, Every Kitchen in Texas has to have one of these People in it, that’s the Law. A Kitchen Manager, or Food Manager, Managing the Food Basically. This then Helps you get into the Server or Waiter Industry where you can get Tips, and then you could be a Kitchen Manager if you wanted. But Concessions is a Good place to Start, and then you have some Experience and the Certifications you need.


Understanding TABC Licensing: Key Jobs in Texas That Require Certification

In Texas, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) plays a crucial role in regulating the sale, distribution, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. A TABC license or certification is a mandatory requirement for various professions within the state’s alcohol industry. This article explores the key jobs that require a TABC license in Texas, highlighting the importance of this certification in ensuring responsible alcohol service and compliance with state laws.

1. Bartenders and Bar Staff

Bartenders and other bar staff are perhaps the most recognizable professionals who require TABC certification. These individuals are responsible for serving alcoholic beverages to customers in bars, restaurants, and other establishments. The TABC certification equips them with the knowledge to serve alcohol responsibly, recognize signs of intoxication, and understand the legal implications of serving minors or overly intoxicated patrons.

2. Servers in Restaurants

Servers in restaurants that offer alcoholic beverages must also be TABC certified. This requirement ensures that they are well-versed in checking IDs, understanding legal drinking ages, and knowing when to refuse service to prevent overconsumption and potential liabilities for the establishment.

3. Liquor Store Employees

Employees working in liquor stores, where the primary business is the sale of alcoholic beverages, need TABC certification. This includes cashiers, shelf stockers, and any staff involved in the direct sale of alcohol. They must be knowledgeable about the legal aspects of selling alcohol, including age verification and refusal of sales to intoxicated persons.

4. Event and Catering Staff

Event and catering staff, particularly those involved in events where alcohol is served, such as weddings, corporate events, or private parties, are required to hold a TABC license. This certification is crucial for ensuring that alcohol is served responsibly and legally during events.

5. Managers and Owners of Licensed Establishments

Managers and owners of establishments that sell or serve alcohol must also be TABC certified. This requirement is vital for ensuring that the entire operation complies with state alcohol laws and regulations. It also helps in setting the standard for responsible alcohol service within the establishment.

6. Security Personnel at Venues Serving Alcohol

Security personnel at venues where alcohol is served, such as nightclubs or concert venues, often require TABC certification. Their role in monitoring the consumption of alcohol and managing intoxicated patrons is critical for maintaining a safe environment.

7. Delivery Drivers for Alcohol Distributors

Delivery drivers who transport alcohol to various establishments must be TABC certified. This ensures that they understand the laws regarding the transportation and delivery of alcoholic beverages, including age verification upon delivery.

Importance of TABC Certification

The TABC certification is not just a legal requirement; it’s a commitment to public safety and responsible alcohol service. The training covers essential topics such as the effects of alcohol, Texas alcohol laws, intervention techniques, and age verification processes. By being TABC certified, professionals in the alcohol industry can prevent alcohol-related incidents, reduce liability risks, and promote a safer drinking environment.


In Texas, the TABC certification is a critical requirement for a wide range of jobs within the alcohol industry. From bartenders to liquor store employees, this certification ensures that professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills to serve and sell alcohol responsibly. As the state continues to enforce strict alcohol regulations, the role of TABC-certified professionals becomes increasingly important in maintaining the safety and well-being of the community.

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