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Will IFGICT and Dell USA Collaborate to enhance Cybersecurity Standards?

Will IFGICT and Dell USA’s Collaboration help to enhance the Cybersecurity Standards? If it happens, that would be great because this will make sure that no website is attacked by hackers. And it’s actually happening now. IFGICT has just announced that it is collaborating with Dell USA and there is no better news to start the upcoming new year for organizations than this. 

Let’s see what cybersecurity standards are, what’s the importance of these standards and how different companies and organizations will benefit from this collaboration.

Why are Cybersecurity Standards Important?

Most of the organizations store their important data in order to get rid of any kind of attack on their sites. The reason is that hacking attacks by the criminals are quite common now and hackers can access organization’s data without even letting them now. Therefore, in order to reduce the risk of any such data loss, the organization must be aware of all the security standards. The most practical and trustworthy cybersecurity standard all over the world is International Federation of Global and Green ICT (IFGICT). Apart from cyber security standards, certifications have also got a key role to play. 

How are IFGICT Security Standard Audits Helpful for the Companies?

Various organizations don’t even bother to look at the risks associated with a specific agreement and perform audit on it. Knowing how the things are working is surely good but that doesn’t ensure that hackers won’t attack the data. So, companies must perform audits on these security risks also to make sure that everything goes smoothly for them in future. Moreover, the law also requires you to perform IFGICT Security Standard Audits in order to avoid any security risks.

IFGICT & Dell Cybersecurity Standards?

Dell is one of the leading companies in Information Technology market in USA and also around the world and is currently working hard to ensure the safety of data of different national and international organizations. Since IFGICT is all about securing companies’ data, it has just collaborated with Dell USA to ensure that there are no hacking attacks on different websites. 

The benefits of this collaboration include:

  • Verification of different security strategies to enhance the security
  • Reduction in costs of different softwares and hardware
  • Exposure to any weakness of the organization to overcome it.
  • It will let the organization know whether everything is going well or not.

The president of IFGICT, Dr Kayyali Mohamed has also appreciated the act of collaboration. He said, IFGICT has always been one of the best and most preferred cybersecurity standards ever which has proved its worth from time to time. That’s why most organizations around the world are using these standards. Also, the collaboration of IFGICT with Dell USA will also be a key factor, taking into account the fact that Dell is a great servant of Information Technology for so long”.


This statement by the president ensures that the collaboration of IFGICT with Dell USA is going to enhance cybersecurity standards in near future. Ultimately, the organizations who were at a risk of being attacked by hackers previously will feel secure. One more suggestion for such organizations is that they must store their data in backup as well so that if they loose access to their data, they may recover it without much loss. But this is an additional thing. The first priority should always be to look for the safety which is possible only with the help of IFGICT Cybersecurity Standards.



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