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Why You Need To Be Serious About Cheap Ffxiv Gil

Unlocking Blue Mage in FFXIV


Blue Mage is an incredibly unique class in FFXIV. It is a solo-focused job that cannot participate in normal Duty Roulettes or Duty Finder, but can do content on level through Undersized Party and the newer option to still synch. It can collect 104 spells by killing monsters that use them.


The Blue Mage is a unique class that offers a lot of power but can be very challenging to master. To unlock it, players must meet two major milestones that shouldn’t be hard for veterans but may take a long time for new players to reach. First, players must have at least one Disciple of War or Magic job leveled to 50. Second, they must complete the entire 2.0 storyline. While it’s possible to use premium boost potions to skip these milestones, doing the story is an important part of FFXIV and should be enjoyed.


Blue Mages are a Limited Job, which means they have certain restrictions that make them play very differently from the other jobs in the game. They cannot participate in PvP or deep dungeons and can’t be auto-matched into Duty Finder groups for roulettes, dungeons, trials, or raids. However, they do get boosted XP from overworld mobs and have access to unique abilities like Level 5 Death that instantly kills enemies and Diamondback that reduces all damage taken by 90% (even if the target is not a monster). This makes them popular for quickly farming level synced content.


ffxiv gil is a vital in-game currency that players use to purchase equipment, food and potions. It is also used to upgrade the player’s weapons and armor. Players can get FFXIV Gil by doing the main scenario quest, guildleves, dungeons and duty roulettes, and by selling their items to NPCs. However, farming FFXIV Gil can be time consuming and tedious. Instead, players can ffxiv gil bun from reliable online retailers.


The best way to make Gil in FFXIV is by doing the main scenario quest, which will give you a lot of Gil and progress you through the story. Other ways to make Gil quickly include questing, crafting and gathering.



Players can also make a lot of Gil by killing monsters and finding treasures. Many enemies in FFXIV drop loot that can be sold for gil, such as weapons and components. The amount of gil that a player receives for defeating monsters depends on the monster’s level and type. Defeating high-level monsters will earn more gil than lower-level enemies. In addition, a player can sell their equipment after each battle to make more money. Moreover, some enemy types, such as Archadian soldiers and bangaa, can drop Gold Dust that sells for a large amount of Gil. Players can also find gil in treasure caskets that appear randomly throughout the world.


Unlike most other MMOs that feature a real world currency, FFXIV features a variety of ways to earn Gil. Among them are combat-oriented methods like running dungeons, but also crafting and gathering. These methods can be particularly lucrative at the beginning of a new patch, as many items and materials are unpopular with players, or as the patch progresses, as the popularity of the items rises.




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