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Learn How to Style Pixie Cut Messy & More

The pixie cut has long been admired for its bold and casual appeal. It is a versatile hairstyle that may be customized to fit a variety of personalities and tastes. While the conventional pixie cut comes with sophistication, embracing a slightly messy and undone look has its own attraction. The messy pixie cut is all about great texture, generating volume, and adding your look with a fun look. In this post, we’ll go through a step-by-step tutorial for how to style pixie cut messy, allowing you to exude a carefree elegance.

How to Style Pixie Cut Messy?

Begin with clean, dry hair

Begin by carefully washing and drying your hair. Clean hair is a wonderful foundation for styling and helps products hold better.

Use a texturizing product

The second step of how to style pixie cut messy is to add volume and texture to your hair, use a texturizing spray, mousse, or wax. Apply the item evenly from the base of the hair to the tips, focusing on the areas that require more texture.

Make use of your fingers

Instead of grabbing for a comb or brush, style your pixie cut with your fingers. Because the goal of messy hair is to create a natural, undone look, using your fingers will offer you more control and allow for a tousled appearance.

Lift and tangle

Lift portions of hair at the roots and gently tousle them with your fingertips. This will add volume and give you a messy, bedhead look. Don’t stress about making things look flawless; instead, accept the flaws.

Add separation 

Use your fingers to separate and define little portions of your hair. To add texture and a messy appearance, twist or scrunch the strands. Feel free to experiment and play around until you obtain the ideal level of messiness.

Use some styling products

If your hair needs a little additional hold or volume, use a small bit of pomade, wax, or paste. Rub the product into your hair with your fingertips, focusing on the ends and any places that require extra hold.

Apply a light-hold hairspray to finish

The last step of how to style pixie cut messy is to lightly mist your hair with a flexible, light-hold hairspray to fix the style and guarantee it lasts all day. Hold the can at arm’s length & spray evenly, be careful not to overflow your hair.

Additional Tips On How To Style A Pixie Cut

Make Your Bangs Appear Soft

Do you believe that developing a soft look for your hair is the greatest way to achieve a soft pixie style? To add volume to your pixie hair, use a brushing and a hairdryer. Be careful with your bangs because they are the most noticeable feature of your haircut. For the best effect, use a flat-surfaced iron on specific portions of your hair and separate them with your fingers for an elongated look.

Add Texture With Styling Products

The essential thing to remember regarding how to style pixie cut messy is that cutting short hair without using treatments that produce an appearance of hair is difficult. This is especially true for curly or messy hair. This is why you should not be hesitant to use style products on your hair. There is an incredible variety of products on the market right now (fixing sprays and creams, waxes, etc). So, choose the one you like best and you’ll be sure to look lovely at all times!

Don’t Too Much Wax

Styling products might be the ideal answer for messy hair that does not require a haircut. However, if you prefer to wax, make sure you don’t use too much of it! If you use too many products on short hair, it can become greasy and excessively slick.

Use A Flat Iron

If you don’t have an iron with a flat surface, get one today! It is an excellent tool for creating beautiful hairstyles. This tool is crucial if you have short hair. Straightening your bangs, which are normally shorter in the pixie cut, or curling the strands of hair to create an uncontrolled look, this tool will allow you to do it all!

Use Bobby Pins to Create a Party Look

Bobby pins are an excellent choice for individuals who seek both comfort and something more interesting. The different methods to wear them in your hair could result in a one-of-a-kind and unique style. Add some or simply use them as decorations.

Braid Your Hair

Don’t expect your braiding to be finished once you’ve gotten your pixie cut. Braiding a few hair pieces in the same hairstyle will make you look more gorgeous than typical braids. You can select different lengths and relax in style.

Add Some Volume

After learning how to style pixie cut messy about , volume is your best friend. Use a blow-dryer and brushes or your fingers to add volume to your hair. Use some hair style products to make it look more polished, and your lovely hair will look wonderful all day!

Use Flowers to Enhance Your Hair

A romantic, flirtatious, and innocent-looking idea that will enhance any of your desired looks. Add flowers to your short hairdo and you will look wonderful! It is both creative and basic, and it will add a lot of style to your appearance.

Make Your Hair Curly

Do you naturally have curly hair? You’re very lucky. Don’t think that Pixie cuts require only straight hair. There are numerous techniques available to help your hair grow curly and pixie-like, so be creative!

Special Day Jewelry Headband

If you’re planning a special occasion but don’t know what to do with your hair, this is a great idea regarding how to style pixie cut messy. We believe that simply adding a lovely accessory will be enough. Today, there are numerous options available to make you look more beautiful and attractive. Jewelry headbands look great on every hair type, length, or color, so give it a shot.


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