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Intellectual game for 6 people or more

Intellectual brain game for 6 people or more

The list includes games with simple rules for children 3 years and older that focus on developing a skill such as math, memory, or dexterity.
1. Extract wood
Wood drawing is an intellectual game familiar to everyone. The rules of the game are very simple: players use rock, paper, scissors, dice, or numbers to decide who is first. Then, one by one, clockwise, pull out the wooden sticks. Whoever makes the wooden tower fall will be the loser.
2. Specific
Specific is an intellectual game about animals living on earth. Specific’s gameplay is as follows: Throw the dice and be the first to find an animal with characteristics such as environment, food, and number of legs. Whoever gets three cards first is the winner.
3. Spot it
Spot it is a quick and quick game. The player’s task is to quickly discover which two pictures are the same and name them. The person who finds the most is the winner.
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