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IFGICT in collaboration with Oracle Academy

Oracle academy and IFGICT are collaborating. IFGICT has recently announced that it will support oracle academy. This collaboration will help them to develop and support their technology and to enhance outreach. 

IFGICT is a global organization helping the growth of information, communication, technology, and business industries. It has introduced different standards and certifications to support the ICT sector. 

IFGICT also supports educational institutes and offers many professional certifications for the information, communication, and technology industry. IFGICT’s mission is to develop ICT guidelines to authenticate individuals and businesses through assessment. These certifications include: 

  • Strategic IT Professional  
  • Green IT Professional 
  • Machine Learning Certification 
  • ICT Award of Excellence 
  • Block Chain Expert Certification 
  • Sustainable Development Manager Certification 

Oracle is also an American global corporation that produces and advertises computer software for business. Its popularity is based on its database software developed for software and computer systems. 

Oracle is devoted to developing products and services based on particular standards, lowering trouble, and assisting its consumers in obtaining maximum from technological investments. Mainly, oracle follows the industrial standard technologies like Java, HTML, JavaScript to execute numerous user interfaces. However, it also prefers to exploit globally known standards, providing a wider range of assistive technology (AT). 

Oracle develops numerous computer systems and software like cloud infrastructure, hardware and Exadata, Linux, Java, and database software. 

Oracle academy is the oracle sponsored education program to enhance computer science education in secondary schools, colleges, and universities. Oracle has developed oracle academy to enhance innovation, knowledge, talent progress, and variety in the technological fields. 

Oracle academy engages with numerous educational institutes and educators worldwide in more than 120 countries and assists millions of students in developing a career in the ICT industry. It helps its partners to enable innovative student learning in the school. In addition, it provides practical experience to its students with state-of-the-art technologies such as oracle cloud technologies, support, software, and specialized certification resources. Thereby, students can easily grow their professional life in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science, machine learning, the internet of things, and elsewhere. 

IFGICT and Oracle are involved in supporting growth in the ICT industry. They both can do wonders by collaborating. Currently, IFGICT has announced that it will support oracle academy. 

As oracle is already trying to help millions of students around the world, the IFGICT can further help these students to get professional certifications. This is because IFGICT establishes standards for the information, communication, and technology industry and provides advice and training. 

This partnership will help both organizations in marketing their products around the world. It also shows how both organizations are helping the ICT industry grow. As Dr. Kayyali Mohammed, the IFGICT president has mentioned that Oracle academy is a renowned academy that advances and subsidies technology outreach for numerous industries around the globe. Moreover, he said their initiative of supporting them would develop a broad partnership and increase the oracle outreach ten times. His statement summarizes how momentous this collaboration would be and how much improvements it can bring in the ICT sector. 



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