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How to Upgrade Your Half Bath to a First Floor Full Bath Santa Clara?

Find Out What Essential Points You Have to Consider & Keep in Mind When Converting a Half Bath to a Full Bath.

In most two-story homes, half baths or powder rooms are traditionally located on the first floor, with full baths located only on the second floor. Nowadays, we’re seeing more families opting to add a full bathroom on the first floor to help with aging in place.

Installing a full bathroom anywhere in your property will boost resale value,  but adding a full bathroom on the first floor will help you avoid climbing stairs to shower on the second floor.

A full bathroom on the first floor can be very helpful for those with injuries or recovering from surgery when going up and downstairs is a challenge. Most of the full bathrooms on the first level are shower-only, so there’s no need to be concerned about getting into a tub.

There are many considerations to take into account when renovating a small bathroom. After all, how that room looks and feels is influenced by everything from lighting to texture.

Moreover, if you’re  transforming a half bathroom into a full bathroom, here’s what to consider for best results in aesthetics, organization, and more.

*What to consider

1) Making the right design decisions when updating a bathroom can ensure that the final renovation is spacious and efficient. To get started, it is important to evaluate what work is required.

Every little design choice can be linked to another logistical choice, so understanding which upgrades are essential is key. Opt only for those changes that really enhance the bathroom experience.

2) Suppose you want to add a claw-foot tub to a bathroom, for example. In this case, it is essential to take into account the existing water pipes and electrical systems.

It may so happen that the existing water lines may or may not support a bathroom expansion project. This could determine the type of accessories that will be included in the update.

Plumbing alterations can also be difficult and expensive. So the choice depends on the budget and the ultimate goal of the project.

3) Lighting should be a central consideration during renovation planning. Windows let in more natural light, which can make a small bathroom feel more spacious.

A frosted glass window in the shower can be an easy upgrade that lets in more light and increases the value of your home.

4) Assessing how a home’s market value might change in response to upgrading from a half  bath to a full bath is another important way to plan for your bathroom remodel.

Knowing which specific changes add or detract from the value of your home can guide smart decisions that support homeowners in the long run.

*Energy and space efficiencies

Renovating a small bathroom or upgrading a half  bath to a full bath  provides numerous opportunities to make your home more efficient. And one of these areas is energy efficiency.

Considering how each design and renovation option could reduce energy use can increase a home’s value and lower future heating and electric bills. For example, using clear acrylic blocks around a new standing shower is more energy-efficient than a traditional tub and shower combination.

Converting a bathtub frame to a standing shower will also save you more space.  By simply replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower can make a bathroom appear bigger and brighter. Plus, it’s easy to add a bench and wall niche to a standing shower to enhance the overall experience.

*Attention to details

1) Another interesting way to expand the feeling of space in a bathroom remodel, or if you upgrade to a full bath, is to consider the impact of small details.

Finishes with rounded edges fit better than sharp-edged fixtures in small spaces because they’re less dramatic and imposing. Fixtures with rounded edges tend to give a sense of continuity and soften the overall aesthetic of the room.

2) For homeowners looking to make an upgraded full bathroom feel more luxurious too, simply choosing the right materials can go a long way. For example, a bathroom where porcelain was used instead of marble for lining shower walls, created an elevated appearance for less.

Faux marble tiles were installed on the floor to give the illusion of a high-end space but were achieved at a lower price.

3) For a more eclectic way to enhance a bathroom, patterned tiles may do the trick.  Black and white Moroccan tiles will help add a lot of zing to a small bathroom. These busy tiles are balanced by white walls and vanities for a stylish balance.

4) Wood grain tiles can add a touch of intrigue to a new shower. The dark gray wood grain looks classy but has enough pattern to keep things interesting.

Using wood-grain tile for flooring in a walk-in shower is also a unique approach that you wouldn’t regularly find in other bathrooms.

5) It might also be worth considering the impact of a visually stimulating wall. In a bathroom having a marble herringbone wall with a monochrome metallic scheme the space will feel more elegant and exciting. Also, adding patterns to a single wall will make a small bathroom appear larger.

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