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How to hire a good roof waterproofing company

Below, we detail some tips when hiring a roof waterproofing company. If the time comes to do so, remember these tips due to problems with the roof of your block, the roof of your home, leaks through the facade, etc. Always use solvent companies that have a certain age. We will not tell you a minimum number of years because we all know the difference between a company and a beach bar. But we will tell you several years that can be considered sufficient.

Look for guarantees

Related to the first point is the guarantee the company can provide, regardless of the years that have passed (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 or more). While it is true that there are certain types of treatments in which a very extensive guarantee can be offered, be wary of excessively long periods; no one can guarantee anything forever. Likewise, you should know that a common practice in our country is to open and close companies and thus avoid possible claims. Remember this section, which may be the key when offering you a suspiciously low price.

By the LOE, 3-year warranty

Coupled with the guarantee that a roof waterproofing company can offer, you should know that if you did not remember to request it or they did not give it to you in writing, according to the LOE (Building Planning Law), if they have done waterproofing work on your building or home, these works have a 3-year guarantee.

Price = quality

It doesn’t always have to be this way, but materials and qualified labor have a cost, and to this day, no one has found the magic formula of being able to offer “hard money for pesetas.” This does not mean that you have to go for the most expensive. Still, there must be a coherent relationship between the materials to be used, the experience of the operators, and the guarantee offered.

Find an independent technician

If you have the possibility and the work is of a medium size, hire an independent technician. It may be the best money spent, but it can save you or your community many headaches.

Request a leak test

If the work carried out is on a terrace or roof of a building. Ask the company to perform a leak test when it is finished. This consists of converting the terrace into a swimming pool for one or two days and checking that there are no leaks. This is simple. You just have to cover the drains.

Requires minimal documentation

Do not hire any roof waterproofing company that does not provide you with the minimum documentation to do the work. Such as, for example, Civil Liability Insurance, registration of workers with Social Security, qualified training if work at height has to be carried out, etc.

Avoid joints, unions, or splices

For waterproofing work, if you can opt for solutions that do not have splices, joints, or unions, do so. The weakest link breaks the chain, and on a large terrace or roof, it only takes a single splice, joint, or joint that is not well sealed for your roof to give you problems again.

Demand the latest advances

In construction, as in all sectors, there have been great technical advances. Both in the materials used and their application techniques. Don’t settle when they tell you: “It’s what you’ve done all your life.” Last point, and the most important, you (or your community) are the promoter of the work. And as a consequence, you have legal responsibilities.

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