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How to download Twitter videos to your computer?

Twitter has been considered as one of the most popular social networks currently available. It is a web or phone application that gives users many possibilities. From being able to follow people or pages that interest you, to take part in debates, to keep up to date with news.

As you already know, Twitter is where we find videos. Users who have accounts on the social network can upload videos. You might at some point come across a video that piques your attention and wish to download it. However, the social network does not naturally provide us with this option. As a result, we must use third parties for this purpose such as :

  1. Twitter video download
  2. Twdown
  3. Ssstwitter
  4. savetweetvid
  5. Twitervideodownloader
  6. Snaptwitter
  7. Savefrom
  8. downloadtwittervideo.com

How to download Twitter videos from computer?

There is no built-in feature to save Twitter video to computer. You need to use a third-party Twitter video download service. Just copy the URL of the video and then paste it through the website.

Follow the steps below to use Twitter Video Downloader to download and save Twitter video.

  1. Open the Twitter website, log in and find the tweet with the video you want to download.
  2. Click on the share icon below the tweet (three circles connected by dashes) and select “Copy link to tweet”.
  3. Visit twitter video download website.
  4. Open the website, paste the Tweet link, or URL, into the appropriate place, and select the resolution and other parameters of the video, then confirm your decision to start downloading.

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