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How old is Sofia Vergara, Who is She, & What is Her Profession?

If you are a die hard fan of Sofia Vergara, then you might be extremely curious to find out the vital details regarding her. You might even look up different details of her on the internet such as how old is sofia vergara, who she is, & what her profession is. These tendencies are very common among most of the fans these days. Getting to know in detail about such topics gives them immense satisfaction. Previously, it was quite tough to access these details. This is simply because of the fact that during that time, the media, as well as the internet was not that developed. But now, the whole world has undergone immense evolution and most of us have a decent smartphone that has a strong internet connection. The media is also very much developed now-a-days and they strive extremely hard to gather as much information as possible about these famous celebrities. Thereafter, they construct interesting content from the collected information. These contents are then uploaded online on various websites for people all over the world. Thus, if you have a smart phone with internet connection, then you can easily access any information that you want with the help of just a few clicks. Here, we will be discussing different facts about Sofia Vergara in detail.

How old is sofia vergara?

As we have already mentioned, most of the fans of this popular lady might be extremely curious to find out how old she is. In addition to that, when it comes to her age, different people might even come up with different guesses. According to certain reports, the date of birth of this lady is July 10, 1972. Hence, as of now, she is 50 years old. It is appropriate to say that her actual age might come as a surprise to most of her fans. This is simply because of the fact that she looks way too younger than her real age. From her physical appearance and looks, it might seem that she is around 30 to 35 years of age. This is due to the fact that she is very much conscious when it comes to her health and fitness. She takes immense care of herself and always makes sure that she is taking the right type of food. In addition to that, she also strictly follows her workout regimens. All these have helped her a lot to maintain her youthfulness. We should also keep in mind that we are not seeing these celebrities in person. All we see is their pictures and videos that are uploaded on different social media platforms, as well as websites. These pictures and videos are revealed to the public only after they undergo several editing sessions to achieve the desired look. The tools and softwares that are used for the purpose of editing are very powerful, and they can easily alter a person’s appearance in a number of ways. For instance, these tools can easily alter the features such as skin tone, skin texture, hair texture, etc.

Who is she?

We have already discussed how old is sofia vergara. Now, this actress is immensely popular and most of us might have a clear and concise idea regarding who she is. Still, there could be a number of people out there who are hearing about this lady for the first time in their lives. In case you are one of them, then this discussion is very important for you and it will provide you a detailed overview regarding who she is. She is a renowned Colombian and American actress, as well as model. She was born in a Roman Catholic family in Barranquilla and her mother was a homemaker. Her father, on the other hand, was a cattle rancher for the meat industry. As per reports, the popular actress was nicknamed “Toti” by her siblings and cousins. Initially, she studied dentistry at National University of Colombia for three years. Thereafter, she left two semesters away from completing her degree to pursue modeling and show business. This actress normally has blonde hair. But sometimes, she is asked to color her hair dark brown or black for different movies and television shows. This is actually done to make her look more stereotypically Hispanic. She married her high-school sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez at the age of 18 and they also had a son who was named Manolo. But sadly, they divorced in 1993. Thereafter, Sofia and her boyfriend Nick Loeb got engaged in 2012 after dating for about two years. But, this engagement was also called off after some time. Thus, this can be regarded as a detailed overview of this popular actress.

What is her profession?

So, we have discussed how old is sofia vergara, and who she is. Now, it’s time to discuss the vital details regarding her profession. As per reports, Sofia made her very first appearance at the age of 17. It was actually a Pepsi commercial that was aired in Latin America. Thereafter, she went on to study at the Creative Workshops School of Acting. Soon, she got the opportunity to star in The Paperboy. This was supposed to be an independent drama directed by Lee Daniel but the shooting got delayed for a week and this conflicted with her shooting schedule for the third season of Modern Family. This made her drop out from the project. Gradually, in July 2011, she finished shooting for the Farrelly brothers’ The Three Stooges. This was actually her first leading role in a major film. In addition to acting, she also runs several business ventures successfully.


So, we have discussed how old is sofia vergara, who she is, & what her profession is. Thus, it can be ascertained that, as of now, she is 50 years old. Thereafter, we have discussed some vital aspects regarding her, as well as her career. So, this discussion will definitely provide you with all the necessary details regarding this lady.  


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