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How machine learning will revolutionize SEO


  • How machine learning will revolutionize SEO
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With the growing place it occupies within Google’s algorithms, machine learning is changing the rules of SEO.

To prevent their clients’ sites from falling into the SERPs, IT Company Australia specialists must prepare for the looming upheaval.

How does machine learning change Google algorithms?

The Mountain View firm’s major concern is responding quickly and precisely to Internet users’ requests. With this objective, in 2015, it launched an algorithm called Rank Brain to improve the understanding of requests submitted to the search engine. Initially, this tool was intended for new requests, but its use is becoming more widespread.

Before machine learning, it was impossible to offer Internet users instant and personalized results that matched their expectations based on how they formulated their requests and the type of terminal used to browse the web.

But unlike humans, artificial intelligence is capable of very quickly analyzing a mass of information and understanding the precise intentions of users to offer them the most relevant answers.

How does machine learning impact SEO?

Instead of being a central element of SEO, the technical aspect will be put at the service of the creative, with content becoming the real driver of positioning at the top of the SERPs.

Backlinks, just like on-page optimization levers (HTML tags), scripts, sitemaps and robots.txt files, will increasingly lose ground. As a result, Black Hat methods, criticized for being unethical, are doomed to disappear.

What role will the SEO play in this new SEO landscape?

With the rise of machine learning, SEO Expert Melbourne will need to focus less on the technical aspect and absolute compliance with the rules and adopt a global SEO strategy with an even greater focus on content marketing. Their priority must be producing quality content that provides value for Internet users and encourages them to convert.

Personalization and optimization, especially for the booming voice search, are more crucial than ever. The work to correctly format and markup content (for queries in the form of questions) becomes strategic to obtain position zero (before the first natural responses) and especially to position yourself on a voice response. But this remains limited for a B2B positioning, which will respond to a business need issue about a vocal positioning, which will only be content to give a definition or a recipe…

On the other hand, this logic of determining what exactly users need at the precise moment they need it will promote the search for a better user experience, and this will involve increased attention to display on all types of terminals, ergonomic navigation and a choice of so-called long-tail keywords that are more relevant for searches (particularly voice).

In the long term, the machine will increasingly manage technical points to ensure a website’s “SEO-friendly” aspect without human intervention. SEO and artificial intelligence will thus work together for customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

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