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How do you clean Invisalign aligners?

Cheap Invisalign braces are clear braces used to gradually straighten teeth. The Invisalign system works with a series of removable braces that change every 1-2 weeks until the desired final position is reached. They offer many advantages over the traditional bracket. In addition, we are happy to give tips on how best to clean the aligners so that they stay nice and fresh.

Why is it important to keep Invisalign aligners clean?

The Invisalign braces are worn 22 hours a day, which means that they come into contact with saliva, food and drink. This allows bacteria and food particles to build up on the braces, which can lead to cavities, bad breath, gum irritation and discoloration of the braces. Good oral hygiene is also important for a clean mouth.

How often should you clean your Invisalign braces?

It is advised to carry out this action each time you clean your teeth. In addition, it is also wise to clean the braces after eating or drinking, especially with sweet or sticky things.

How do you clean an Invisalign brace?

Clean the bracket with soap and water.

The way to clean the Invisalign braces is to rinse them with lukewarm water and a little soap. Then, brush the inside with a soft toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste! This is usually abrasive and gives white spots.

Use an effervescent tablet.

Use effervescent tablets for bits or dentures, available at the drugstore, for optimal results. Leave the braces in a dissolved tablet for a few minutes.

Use ultrasonic cleaner.

Can’t clean the aligners properly anymore? Then contact your dentist in Arlington, VA. He has an ultrasonic cleaning bath where the braces can be soaked for a few minutes. Please take the brace with you when you come by.

Here are a few more tips to help keep the bits clean.

  • Remove the retainer before eating or drinking, except with water. This prevents food residue from remaining on the bracket.
  • Store the braces in a safe and clean place when not wearing them. This prevents dust and bacteria from getting on it. And that the dog takes him to graze (we’ve been doing this longer than today).
  • Never use hot water to clean the braces, as this may change the shape of the braces.
  • Avoid using hard toothbrushes, bleaches, vinegar and other harsh cleaners.


Cleaning the Invisalign braces is just as important as cleaning the teeth. Daily cleaning of the braces prevents the build-up of bacteria and dirt. There are several methods to clean your braces. The easiest is water, a soft brush and a little mild soap!


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