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Gender of the child during IVF – IVF in Pakistan

The sex of the child depends on the chromosome composition of the embryo. If an egg, which always contains an X chromosome, is fertilized by a sperm with the same X chromosome, the couple will have a girl. If the egg meets the sperm, which contains the Y chromosome, then the sexual characteristics will be differentiated according to the male type, that is, a boy will be born. In other words, the sex of the unborn child depends solely on the chromosomal makeup of the male gamete. With natural conception, this happens spontaneously. Is it possible to order the sex of the child during IVF? Let’s talk to the experts at the SM-Clinic Center for Reproductive Health.

Features of gender formation

What gender of the child during Gender Selection Lahore will depend on which chromosome the sperm carries – X or Y. If there is no Y chromosome in the chromosome set, then the gonad differentiates into the ovary. This happens at approximately 6 weeks of development (obstetric period is 8 weeks).

In turn, the Y chromosome has a male sex determination factor. It predetermines the reverse development of the IVF Treatment and the active development of the Wolffian ducts, which will give rise to the male genital organs. This process is controlled by fetal testosterone, which is synthesized in the testicles of the fetus.

Is it possible to choose the gender of a child with IVF?

It is quite obvious that none of the methods for planning the gender of a child in advance works 100%, because… under natural conditions, it is impossible to send a sperm with a given chromosome set, that is, with an X or Y chromosome, to an egg. In the case of IVF, it is possible to determine the chromosome set of the embryo, that is, even before differentiation of the gonad, it is possible to understand who will be a boy or a girl. But do you choose the gender of the child during IVF?

Selecting the sex of a child during IVF is prohibited by law. However, there are exceptions to every rule. Finding out the gender of the child during IVF is necessary in cases where there is a family history. We are talking about hereditary diseases that are sex-linked, that is, transmitted along with the X or Y chromosome. In these situations, it is possible to choose the gender of the child through IVF to ensure the couple has a healthy baby.

In order to determine the gender of the embryo before implantation, a procedure called preimplantation genetic research is performed. Such diagnostics make it possible to study the genetic makeup of the embryo in order to exclude chromosomal trisomy and other genetic diseases. Only those embryos that have the correct chromosomal structure are implanted into the uterus.

Reasons for choosing the sex of a child during IVF

Many couples believe that with IVF you can choose the sex of the child. Selecting the sex of a child using IVF is allowed only if there are compelling medical arguments for this – for social reasons, placing only boys or only girls is prohibited by Federal Law.

Scientific background

There are still ongoing debates in the scientific and public community about how to choose the sex of a child before IVF conception. As we have already said, natural fertilization during traditional sexual intercourse does not allow you to plan the gender of the future baby with 100% reliability. However, medicine has already accumulated some facts that can increase the likelihood of having a boy or a girl.

There is a hypothesis that the sex of the child depends on the acidity of the vaginal secretion. Thus, scientists believe that sperm that carry the Y chromosome “love” a more alkaline pH level. Typically, such an alkaline environment in the vagina is created after ovulation. Therefore, sexual intercourse that occurs soon after the egg is released from the follicle is more likely to result in the birth of a boy. “Male Infertility Clinic in Lahore” also explains the advice to syringe the genital tract with a soda solution if a couple wants to have a boy. 


The answer to the question of whether it is possible to plan the sex of a child with IVF Cost in Pakistan depends on the medical situation. If a couple has indications for transferring only female/male embryos, then similar procedure will be carried out. To assess the chromosome set, preimplant diagnostics are carried out in advance.

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