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Effortlessly Merge Bulk EML Files Into MBOX

Overview: These days, in the age of data breaches, corruption, and hacking, every individual and organization wishes to store their data locally on their device. Users typically favor using the (.mbox) file format instead of the (.eml) file format. This article describes how you can directly convert EML files to MBOX format using specialized EML to MBOX conversion tools and manual techniques. It highlights the benefits of using a specialized EML to MBOX conversion tool for effective and adaptable conversion.

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What are the EML and MBOX formats?

EML, or Electronic Mail Format, is a file format that is used by email clients like Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail to store individual email messages. It contains the content of an email, including text, attachments, sender details, receiver details, date, etc. It was saved as a single file with the (.eml) extension.

MBOX Format: MBOX (Mail Box File) is a file format that can store multiple email message data in a concatenated manner. Email software running on Unix systems frequently uses it, and it allows multiple messages to be contained in a single file. Emails stored in MBOX files are accessible via a variety of email clients, including Entourage, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Spicemail, and more, in plain text format.

Methods for Merging Bulk EML Files into MBOX

Manual Method Using Thunderbird Email Clients:

In a manual method, uses an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird that supports both EML and MBOX formats.

  • In this method, users must configure an account in Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • After that, user need to create a new folder in Thunderbird.
  • Next, specify the name “Data” for the folder.
  • Next, import the bulk EML files into the “Data” folder.
  • Export the folder as an MBOX file, consolidating all the imported EMLs into a single MBOX.

Specialized Software Solutions:

There are various specialized EML-to-MBOX conversion tools available online. Well, there is no need to worry, as users can use the Pcinfotools EML to MBOX Converter. With the help of a specialized EML to MBOX conversion tool, a user can easily convert Bulk EML file format into MBOX. Here is a step-by-step guide to using a specialized EML to MBOX conversion tool.

  • Download and install the conversion tool.
  • Next, select the bulk EML files or folders to be merged and then specify the output location for the resulting MBOX file format.
  • Initiate the conversion process by clicking on the Convert Now button, which will consolidate the EML files into a single MBOX file.

Benefits of Merging Bulk EML Files Into MBOX By Using Pcinfotools EML to MBOX Converter

  • Efficiency in Data Management: Merging multiple EML files into a single MBOX simplifies the organization of data. It reduces the number of individual files, easing data management.
  • Easier migration between email clients: MBOX files are supported by various email clients, including, Apple Mail, Pocomail, Spicemail. This EML to MBOX Converter tool allows for smoother transitions between different email platforms with a few easy clicks.
  • Space Optimization: MBOX files have maximize storage efficiency to store multiple separate EML files. Users have to simply specify a location to save the output MBOX files on their computer system.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: By using the EML to MBOX Converter tool, accessing and managing emails messages is become easier and more efficient. Our tool combines bulk EML files into a single MBOX.


Merging bulk EML files into MBOX offers practical advantages in terms of data organization, migration flexibility, storage optimization, and accessibility. The manual method using email clients like Thunderbird. And, specialized software solutions provides efficient ways to merge and convert multiple EML files into a unified MBOX format. Using Pcinfotools EML to MBOX Converter, users can convert EML to MBOX easily. This consolidation enhances data management and simplifies the handling of emails across various email platforms. Our EML to MBOX Converter tool serves the needs of users requiring a more streamlined and efficient approach to handling email data.


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