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5 Signs you need to clean up your Attic in Los Angeles

Know when you need to think about cleaning your attic to avoid future hassles

Attic plays a great role in protecting the heating and cooling (HAVC) systems of your room. It maintains the perfect temperature in your home if you properly insulate them. Insulating your attics properly will also ensure that you do not spend too much on electricity bills. You need to insulate your attics with the help of an attic expert so that you do not face any issues in your attics in the future. However, sometimes your attic insulation gets damaged and causes a lot of issues later. So, you need to understand when your attic insulation needs a replacement or a clean-up.

You can visit Attic Wizard company website if you want to check out our attic services. We are the trusted contractors in your location who believe in providing top-notch service to our customers. We deal in attic insulation installation, attic clean-up, and attic maintenance services that you can consider for your home depending on your requirements. Now let us understand the signs that indicate your attic needs a cleanup.

Increased energy bills

Usually, our energy bills do not change so frequently; if it changes then we notice a slight increase in electricity bills. But, when you notice a sudden increase in energy bills without any addition to the grid then you should understand that there are issues in the insulation system of your house. This is an indication that your heating and cooling systems are working hard, which could be an outcome of blockage in the air ducts or air filters. If your attic is clogged with dust then it might cause the AC to work harder to utilize more energy. You can change the filters and clean the air ducts to get rid of this issue. Moreover, you can clean your attic with the help of an attic expert to resolve this issue.

Health issues

If you notice certain symptoms of diseases in your loved ones then you need to understand that your attics are unhealthy. The symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, sneezing, teary eyes and dizziness can indicate that you have an unhealthy attic. So, you need to clean your attics to maintain the health of your loved ones in good condition. This will also improve the air quality of your home and will not allow the bacteria or germ build-up in your home.

Unpleasant odor

Sometimes, you get an unpleasant odor despite a clean house and clean gutters or drainage pipes. In such a case you should know that there is a problem in your attics. If odor-creating areas like gutters are in good condition and you clean your house with disinfectants daily then it must be your attic that is creating a bad smell in your house. There must be an accumulation of dust or animal waste in your attics. Hence, you need to address this issue immediately and clean the attics with the help of our attic experts.

Fluctuation in Indoor temperature

When you have insulated your attics properly then your indoor temperature remains constant in both the summer and winter seasons. On the other hand, if you notice a fluctuation in indoor temperature then you need to understand that there is some problem in your attics. If your attic insulation is damaged or there are holes in your attics, then you might experience such issues in your home. So, you should clean your attic properly or install a new one if it has got damaged completely.

Rodent activities

If you notice rodent activities in the attic then you should understand that your attics are damaged. Rodents enter your home through the holes or gaps that are created between the attics and the vent pipes. Animals, rodents, or mice enter your attic and leave waste on it to make it contaminated with germs. In such a condition, you can contact a professional to get your attics insulated properly. If you want a hassle-free service then you can contact Attic Wizard Company to get a thorough cleanup in your attics. They will also repair the damage and seal all the gaps to ensure that rodents do not enter your attics to get damaged.


If your attic is in good condition then you can save a lot on energy bills. It also helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. However, the result might get reversed if you do not take good care of your attics. You need to inspect your attic if you notice irregularities in temperature or increased energy bills. You can contact our experts if you are confused about how to clean up your attics. They will guide you with the right suggestions.


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