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The Future of Traffic Delineation: The Super Flexi Bollard – 75mm x 750mm – Yellow

Navigating through traffic can be a daunting task. However, the introduction of traffic delineation tools such as the Super Bollard Flexible – 75mm x 750mm – Yellow by Safety Xpress has made a significant impact on guiding vehicles while minimizing the chances of any damage.

Safety Xpress: A Company Committed to Safety

Safety Xpress is not just a company but a commitment to safety. Renowned for their innovative solutions, they provide tools that are not only practical but also remarkably flexible. The Super Flexi Bollard is a prime example of their dedication to revolutionizing traffic safety.

The Super Flexi Bollard: A Revolution in Traffic Delineation

The Super Flexi Bollard – 75mm x 750mm – Yellow is a game-changer in the field of traffic delineation. Crafted from polyurethane, it effortlessly rebounds to an upright vertical position if a car accidentally knocks or drives over it. It is held in place by three fixings per bollard, ensuring stability and resilience.

Features and Benefits of the Super Flexi Bollard


A standout feature of the Super Flexi Bollard is its remarkable flexibility. Unlike rigid bollards, flexible bollards like this one can withstand impact without causing damage to the vehicle or the bollard itself.

Easy Installation

The Super Flexi Bollard is not just durable but also easy to install. It comes with three fixings per bollard, making the installation process straightforward and hassle-free.

High Visibility

The yellow color of the Super Flexi Bollard ensures high visibility, making it an efficient tool for traffic guidance, especially in areas with poor lighting or during unfavorable weather conditions.


The Super Flexi Bollard – 75mm x 750mm – Yellow is a revolutionary product that combines safety, functionality, and durability. As we move into the future, it’s clear that safety solutions like these will continue to play a crucial role in traffic management, potentially transforming the way we navigate our roads. The question is, are we ready to embrace this change?

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