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Stunning Maternity Dresses for Baby Shower Celebration

Godh Bharai or Baby Shower call whatever you like is a special day for a mother. It’s the joy that every new mom celebrates before the birth of the baby. This day makes her feel special and reminds her how lucky she is and soon she will meet her baby. On this special day, no mother should compromise when it comes to choosing the perfect maternity dresses for baby shower celebrations. With fast fashion, maternity fashion has changed a lot. Now there are plenty of godh bharai dresses or maternity shower dresses available in a lot of options for different body shapes and their style. So that you look your best and feel confident on this day. 

In this blog, we will learn more about the pretty maternity dresses for baby showers. 

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1. Maxi Maternity Gown: 

Maxi maternity gown is a perfect fit for every body type. The flowy design gives a soft feminine look. Go for pastel colors or floral prints and see how elegant you will look. Their flowing stitch allows you to move freely without worrying much about the dress.

2. Lace Sheath Dress: 

Lace sheath maternity gowns are a timeless trend. They can be a perfect option if you want to embrace your curves. It gives an elegant look. Lace works the perfect drama for the outfit by making it from basic to bold. This dress will not only drape your body but will also help you embrace your baby bump beautifully. 

3. Off-Shoulder Maternity Gown: 

An off-shoulder style is something that never goes out of trend. Owning an off-shoulder maternity gown will give you all the royal vibe you deserve. It will showcase your collarbone and shoulders and leave elegant feminine vibes. You can either choose an A-line off-shoulder to show less of your baby bump or can simply choose a bodycon one to embrace your curves. Be picky when choosing the fabric; it should be soft and stretchy fabric so that you are comfortable and enjoy the fullest on your special day.

4. Wrap Maternity Dress: 

Wrap maternity dress is the best option to flatter your figure. The wrap drapes gracefully over your baby bump. This dress comes in various styles and allows you to have a comfortable fit while not making you compromise a chic and polished look. When shopping for a wrap dress choose a solid color or subtle print for the best modern look.

5. Empire Waist Dress: 

The Empire Waist Dress is an amazing choice to flatter your waistline and give a classy lady look. This empire waist dress shows off your baby bump with a high waistline immediately below the bust. This dress provides enough space and you won’t feel suffocated. Make sure the waist is not tight so it doesn’t make you feel discomfort. Choose fabric such as georgette or silk for a mystical look.

6. Tulle Maternity Dress: 

Tulle Maternity Dress is in trend right now. You would have seen celebrities posting pictures in this dress. Tulle maternity dress can help you have Disney feels and surely adds a touch of romance to your look. The layers of the dress give a serene look. Go for pastel colors for a Disney-inspired look.


Godh Bharai or Baby Shower is no less than a festival for the mother and the whole family. It is the celebration before the arrival of your baby and to congratulate the mother. Check out The Moms Store for comfy, elegant maternity dresses for baby shower. Choose your perfect maternity dress and give it the all-royal and aesthetic vibe you can. Whether you are planning to buy a floral maxi dress, a lace sheath dress, or any other baby shower dress, there’s a perfect maternity dress on this site to suit your style and personality. Don’t forget to accessorize yourself with some simple lightweight jewelry. Be confident and beautiful on this special day of your life and click a lot of pictures. 

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