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How to Make Your Yogurt at Home for a Healthy SCD Diet?

Specific Carbohydrate or SCD Diet is a specially prepared diet that restricts certain carbohydrates within its diet plan. This diet is easy on your gut and is especially suitable for people with digestive problems.

Now everyone knows that our yummy, delicious yogurt is a gut-friendly and healthy food item. However, some people have allergies to yogurt made from cow’s milk.

For them, homemade yogurt made from SCD yogurt starter with alternative milk, such as goat milk, almond milk, soy, or coconut milk, can be a very healthy option.

Indeed, yogurts made from alternative milk are available in the market. However, these yogurts contain artificial flavors, additives, preservatives, etc., which may not be a healthy option.

Thus, it’s best to prepare the yogurt for your SCD diet at home. It is easy if you get the hang of it.

You would need milk of your choice, some essential containers for yogurt making, and an SCD yogurt starter, and you could make a yummy yogurt right in the comfort of your home. Let’s see how.

Steps To Prepare Your Homemade SCD Yogurt

Here, we will present a simple step-by-step recipe to make your homemade SCD yogurt.


The basic ingredients that you may require to make yogurt are milk and starter culture.

  1. Milk

    Yogurt can be made from animal-based milk, such as milk of cow, goat, buffalo, sheep, etc. However, many people may have allergies or sensitivities to consuming animal-based food products. Also, a vegan diet follower may have restrictions in consuming such yogurt.

    Worry not, you have another option in plant-based milk. Milk derived from almonds, soy, nuts, oats, coconut, etc.

  2. SCD Yogurt Starter

    When making yogurt for an SCD diet, you must choose an SCD yogurt starter. It is a starter culture that does not contain the bacterial strains of Bifidus Bificum.

    This bacteria may cause some health problems to people who are required to follow a specific carbohydrate diet. Therefore, choosing an SCD starter culture is very important.

  3. Utensils, Cooking Ware, and a Thermometer

    You would need a bowl to heat the milk, a long ladle to stir the milk, and a thermometer to measure the temperature. You may also need a timer or a clock to measure the time of fermentation. A yogurt maker is also a good option, where you get a timer and a thermometer built into it.

Directions To Prepare Your Homemade SCD Yogurt

Yogurt making is simple if you know how to make one. Though it requires a bit of patience and a systematic procedure to follow. Let us see the steps involved in making utterly delicious SCD yogurt at home.

  1. Preparation

    It is important to sterilize the utensils before using them for preparing yogurt. This is because any bacterial strains already present in the utensils may react with the milk and damage it.

  2. Determine Quantity

    Once set with clean and sterilized utensils, you must determine the amount of yogurt you want to make and accordingly choose your milk and yogurt starter quantity.

  3. Heat and Hold

    It is important to first heat the milk to a simmering temperature, i.e., around 82 degrees Celsius or 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

    You may use a thermometer to check the temperature of the boiling milk, but as you get along preparing several batches of yogurt, you will be able to judge the temperature by looking at the milk surface.

    It begins to simmer with gentle bubbles just before its boiling point. That is when you should hold the milk in the simmering condition.

    You may reduce the heat supply or use a wok ring to raise the distance between the flame and the utensil. When the milk starts to simmer, hold it for around 2 to 10 minutes before you lay it off to cool down.

  4. Let The Milk Cool

    Let the milk cool down to around 42 degrees Celsius or 107 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature when an SCD yogurt starter must be introduced into the milk.

  5. Add The SCD Yogurt Starter

    Add the SCD yogurt starter culture when the milk is cooled off. If the starter comes with instructions like the proportion of starter culture to use, etc., follow them.

  6. Put A Firm Lid & Cover

    Cover the utensil with a firm lid after adding the starter culture, ensuring no air passes through the gaps. It will allow the milk to ferment best.

  7. Set The Timer & Temperature

    If you use a yogurt maker, you may set the temperature and timer on it. Else, you may leave the yogurt to ferment at room temperature. Usually, the best yogurts get made when the milk ferments for 24 hours.

    Once the 24 hours have passed, your milk has turned into a nutritious, healthy SCD yogurt. Enjoy it.

Making Yogurt Gets Better With Practice

While yogurt-making is a simple process, it requires a bit of practice to master it. You will gain confidence with each subsequent batch as you continue making yogurts at home using an SCD yogurt starter.


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